Penky: I’ll go for 80 to boost chances

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HALIFAX hooker Sean Penkywicz is ready for another 80 minute effort ahead of Sunday’s make-or-break play off date at Sheffield.

Caretaker coach Damian Ball sprang a selection shock for last Thursday’s 32-22 knockout win at Batley, switching starting number nine Bob Beswick to stand off and giving Penkywicz - widely rated as the best attacking hooker in the competition - a full game at dummy half.

The ploy worked perfectly, Penkywicz terrorising the Bulldogs’ midfield defence and making it almost certain that Fax will persist with the tactic at Bramall Lane, with Australian half back Ben Black once again confined to the bench.

“It probably depends a bit on the team we play, but I’m happy either way, I’ll certainly do the full 80 again if that’s what they want,” said Penkywicz.

“Damian had talked to me about it in the run up to the game and while I was blowing a bit in the last five minutes I enjoyed it.

“I don’t think I’ve done that long since I was about 11.

“It was good having Bob out there for the full game too; he’s a great talker and a good player, I think he’s still a bit of an unsung hero really.

“He does all the hard work, all the defence, then he does the clever stuff with the ball too.

“It worked really well.”

Fax will start as underdogs for the second week in succession against an Eagles side that finished fourth on the league ladder.

But Penkywicz believes the pressure of sudden-death rugby will continue to inspire the 2010 Co-operative Championship champions.

“We always lift, because we know it could be the last week, the last game,” he said.

“This is what we live for. We’ve done well in these situations the last couple of years; we just need to keep turning up on the day.”