Saxton open to idea of long-term Shay stay

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On loan Featherstone winger Tommy Saxton says he could stay at the Shay beyond his initial month-long stint, accepting that his chances at Post Office Road will be limited.

The 30 year old - who won a Challenge Cup final with Hull - was a Rovers mainstay under previous boss Daryl Powell.

But Saxton admitted that new coach John Bastian - who has already moved on other Powell favourites like Fax’s new hooker Ben Kaye and skipper Liam Finn - seems unlikely to include him in his plans.

“There are quite a few wingers there at the moment and although I played at Dewsbury on the opening weekend it looks like I am not going to get a game,” said Saxton, after making a solid debut in the 10-8 loss to Batley.

“John’s got his own ideas on how he wants to play and coach and fair play to him, that’s his job.

“But Karl Harrison asked me to come here, so here I am.

“I’ve trained twice, enjoyed it and it might end up being longer than a month.

“We’ll see how it goes and see if I can get them up the table a little bit.”

Saxton’s Shay baptism was hardly the stuff of dreams as Batley snatched the points with a late try from Vinny Finigan.

“It was scratchy; I don’t think either side played that well to be honest with you,” said Saxton.

“But they scored the try so they take the points, that’s the way it is.

“We had plenty of possession, but we didn’t do enough with it and our skill let us down at times.

“Batley just keep in the game, that’s what they do.

“It’s a big game against a big team in Sheffield on Sunday now so we’ll focus on that.”.