Thacks for full back?

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HALIFAX coach Karl Harrison could experiment with Anthony Thackeray at full back after comparing the player to Wigan genius Sam Tomkins.

Thackeray, the former Castleford and Widnes half back, finished last weekend’s Anglo-French Challenge win in Toulouse as the last line of defence after an injury to regular starter Ryan Fieldhouse.

“Ryan was going okay, but he went off with an ankle injury so we put Thacks back there,” said Harrison, who added there was no certainty Fieldhouse would recover in time for Sunday’s Co-operative Championship fixture at Cougar Park (2.0).

“It’s something we’re thinking about; Anthony gives us another pivot player, a better passing game and he does have exceptional pace.

“The obvious comparison is with Sam Tomkins.

“They are obviously not the same player, but they are very similar in style.

“There’s a lot for us to consider, including how Ryan recovers before Sunday.

“Personally, I think he’ll be okay to play, but we are still looking at our options.”