Tyrer: Crucial kick was a fluke

Steve Tyrer
Steve Tyrer

Halifax centre Steve Tyrer has confirmed his game-changing drop out in Sunday’s Co-operative Championship clash with Batley was a fluke.

Fax were trailing 20-6 in the second half when the Bulldogs - who could have snatched Fax’s third spot with a win - forced a repeat set.

But rather than go for distance with the restart, Tyrer corkscrewed the ball short to the right flank, finding touch and winning a scrum for the home side.

A couple of minutes later, Makali Aizue exploded over the try line and Fax’s comeback, which saw them triumph 26-20, was underway.

“I should say I meant it really, because it ended up getting us back in the game,” laughed Tyrer, who kicked four conversions and a crucial penalty as Fax lined up a home tie in the play offs against Keighley on Thursday night (7.30).

“But it was the worst kick I put in all afternoon; it worked for us because I don’t think they expected it to be so rubbish.

“I was blowing a little bit, I didn’t get hold of the ball properly and it came off the side of my foot.

“That’s the way the ball bounces sometimes.

“They were putting us under a bit of pressure at that stage and if they’d scored again that might have been game done.”