Wakefield’s fire sale could go on

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New Wakefield chairman Michael Carter has warned the crisis-torn club will be forced to sell more players if they fail to secure new investment.

Carter, who succeeded Andrew Glover a fortnight ago, sold Australian scrum-half Tim Smith to Salford at the weekend to pay the players’ wage bill for August but says the club still has a shortfall of around £400,000.

The 44-year-old businessman told a news conference at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium that the club is not close to going back into administration and gave an assurance that it would still be in Super League in 2014.

“This club will carry on,” said Carter, who is now running the club with fellow director Chris Brereton, with chief executive James Elston becoming chief operating officer.

“I’ve put a lot of money in and Chris has put some money in but we are not rich people, we are fans.

“We’ve got a budget in place for next season which we think we can live with. If we can get to the starting point, I think we can get through this as a competitive Super League team but we have issues to deal with.

“This club has spent more than its earned so we’re in a hole. It’s not rocket science, we have got to cut our cloth accordingly

“If we got £400,000 we would be good to go. If we don’t get that, then we will have to sell players.”

Carter, who is thought to have received around £90,000 for Smith, rejected a similar offer for club captain Danny Kirmond but says the club have received four offers for prop forward Kyle Amor.

“Tim Smith went because I needed to pay wages,” he said. “At the same time I got a decent offer for Danny Kirmond but I didn’t have to sell.

“But, if we don’t get investment in the next couple of months, players will have to be sold.

“And anybody who tries it on will get short shrift. We know the value of a player and nobody is getting a cheap deal out of Wakefield.

“I hope the sale of Tim Smith is the end of it but I can’t promise it.”