Scott Grix puts ‘fire’ and Fax ahead of cash

Scott Grix
Scott Grix

Halifax coach Simon Grix has conceded his brother Scott’s decision to walk away from Super League neighbours Huddersfield has cost him a ‘significant’ sum of money.

The Giants full back has turned his back on two years’ salary as the club’s full-time Academy coach in order to continue playing in 2020.

Grix played for Fax on loan this summer after a 15 year absence at Leigh, Widnes, Wakefield and Huddersfield and has now signed a one year deal for next season.

The Calderdale junior had rejoined the Giants from Wakefield last winter on a three year contract, covering a dual player-coach role this year and then a full time, coaching-only job until the end of 2021.

But with the Giants insisting it was impossible to combine playing for Fax next season with coaching, the veteran number one has chosen his hometown club.

“I think if you looked at it solely from a financial perspective, you’d probably question his sanity because it’s cost him a significant amount of money,” said Simon.

“But he has the fire in him to keep playing and I don’t think he wanted to get to a stage further down the line where he regretted or resented stopping before he felt he was ready.

“I can see it from Huddersfield’s perspective too; coaching isn’t a 37.5 hours, 9-5 commitment and it would have made things difficult to manage, for them, for Scott and for us.

“Look, I’m really happy he’ll be here next year and his decision certainly demonstrates his commitment to us.

“He’ll be 36 by the time the season kicks off, but he trains and plays like someone who’s 26, which is a great example to our younger players.

“I know how excited he was about starting pre-season and getting back to work.

“Physically, he’s in a great shape and the experience and knowledge he has is invaluable.

“He’ll probably tell you there were games last year when he didn’t play to the level he felt he was capable of, but from my perspective there were games when I felt he was our best player.

“Coming into a team that’s struggling at full back isn’t easy, because you’re the player that ends up being exposed.”