Tyrer: Top four showdown will be fiery affair

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Centre Steve Tyrer is predicting a typically ‘tasty’ contest when Halifax and Featherstone do battle on day one of the Summer Bash at Bloomfield Road on Saturday (5.15).

Tyrer, who scored two tries in last weekend’s 22-22 draw with Dewsbury, insisted Fax would approach the game with confidence, despite a below-par opening half against the Rams which saw them trail 14-0 at the break before turning up the heat in the second 40.

“If we had lost, we might have been a bit more panicky, but we knew we needed to go and beat Featherstone, whatever the result last weekend,” said Tyrer.

“Summer Bash doesn’t shape your season, but it does go a long way towards it.

“We need to be more skilful, more clinical and discipline needs to be a whole lot better.

“I don’t know how many penalties we gave away, but it was a lot.

“There’s no way we can give Featherstone that kind of possession.

“It’s Fev v Halifax; I’ve played in some tasty games against them and I’m expecting another one.

“We were pretty down in the changing rooms after Dewsbury, but it wasn’t a bad point after the way we started the game.

“Dewsbury are desperate; they’re fighting relegation and I think they’re a better team than the stuff they’ve shown up with this year.

“Maybe we were guilty of a bit of a poor attitude at the start, thinking we would do what we did to them away.

“We showed a lot of character to get ourselves into a winning position in that second half, then again to get out of a losing position, but in the end it got away from us.

“We were a bit too eager, wanting to score on every play rather than softening them up to make some space first.

“There were too many individual mistakes and if you give Dewsbury a leg up, they’re a tough team.

“If we’d started with the intensity we showed in the second half, I think it would have been a very different game.

“We didn’t, Dewsbury played well and they maybe feel they should have taken two points.

“One thing you can always say about our teams is that we have a dig for each other, but we came up a little bit short.

“It’s a point and will it be a crucial point? We don’t know yet.”

Even after Paul Sykes’ late penalty brought the Rams level at 22-22, Fax might have snatched the win, with Tyrer just running out of room as he tried to reel in a kick ahead in the left corner.

“I had Conor (McGrath) in my ear shouting for it, but I thought I was in the better position.

“I was ahead of him, but I couldn’t get to it in time.

“I was running out of field and just couldn’t pull it in before the dead ball line.

“It would have won us the game, but if I’m honest I don’t think we should have been in that position.

“When we got 22-20 up we should have been able to close things out.

“Was it a penalty when Sykes levelle things up? I don’t know, but we’ve only got ourselves to blame anyway.”