Was there any sense in this madness?

There is a point in most people’s lives where common sense prevails.

Anglers, however, must have been born without this vital strand of DNA.

Take Sunday for example. What 50+ year old with half a brain gets out of bed to go fishing at 6.30am when a gale is bowing the windows and the rain lashing so hard it has forced its way under the conservatory door?

I knew it was a mistake at that early hour and three hours into an open on the Huddersfield Narrow with my fingers numb and not a bite to my name, I had confirmation.

Normally you would not have seen me for dust, but my travelling partner Chris Roberts just had to go and catch a couple of bream which were enough to win it for him, condemning me to two further hours of biteless misery. I will repay him sometime.

Across the country the same scenario would be playing out on canals, lakes and carp puddles. Evidently, nothing stands in the way of a man and his fishing.

A woman stopped briefly and paid tribute to our dedication. I told her I thought we were mad.

On the way back she asked if I had left my umbrella at home by mistake. I said it was in my holdall. She agreed with my earlier comment and moved hurriedly on.

There was little to commend the match. The odd lost fish, a second place for Stu Campbell to add to his victory the day before and another tranche of County Championships points. A single bream and an odd little fish were all he needed. Neil Burrows was third with a small bream and deserved something for organising a match in such conditions. A couple of people made suggestions back at the pub afterwards.

And Trabucco ROK Halifax made it three from four with new signing Jan Verbruggen making the trip from Oldham count for just 1lbs 4oz.

This week sees round two of the Broad Canal teams of four but once again the elements look like they will be against us.

Last year we spent the majority of May in short sleeves. Will the warmer weather ever arrive?

As mentioned Stu Campbell triumphed again on a rock hard Thornhill canal swollen with cold rainwater - a skimmer and two roach sewing the job up in 30 minutes. He was the only one to break a pound finishing with 1lb 15ozs. 2. Keith Marshall (Tri Cast Calder) 14ozs; 3. Ian Sutcliffe (Tri Cast Calder) 8ozs; 4. Daz Kershaw (Trabucco ROK Halifax) 6oz.

Only eight turned out for the Ryburn and Halifax match at Copley where Adrian Haigh found small roach for a steady winning weight of 2lb 4oz. He was pushed all the way by Graham Collins with only 2oz separating them at the all out. Dave Pilgrim came home third with 1lbs 4oz.

There was a bit more to shout about in a 20 peg open organised by Calder Anglers on Tuesday at the prolific Oaks Lakes at Sessay. Fishing on Cedar the match was won by Spenborough angler Keith Garner who caught carp to 4lbs from peg 14 on meat at 14 metres and down the edge for an impressive 86lbs 10ozs. Dave Finnegan, owner of Calder Anglers, was only a fish or two short fishing in exactly the same way four pegs from the winner for runner-up with 80lbs 10ozs. 3. Rick Taylor (Tri-Cast Calder) 74lbs 4oz; 4. John Holdsworth (Maver North West) 71lbs 12oz; 5. Tom Barlow (Maver North West) 69lbs 8oz.