Collaboration is a new way of conceiving art

A glassy-eyed taxidermy jackdaw perches in front of a tiny but perfectly formed wooden door - complete with door-knob and doorframe. A metallic letter '˜J' hangs where the knocker should be. 'It's a Jack Door!' say West Yorkshire artists Ebony Andrews and Ian C Taylor in unison.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 10:30 am

“Art needn’t be complicated, sometimes it’s just a case of say what you see”.

Jack Door is part of a year-long collaborative art experiment entitled ‘Instigate: Exchange’ where one of the two artists first ‘instigates’ the creation of a piece with an everyday object, and then by passing it back and forth, alterations and additions are made at each ‘exchange’.

The exhibition at Water Street Gallery is an emotional one for owners Mike and Rosemary Holcroft as it’s the first in the newly refurbished white gallery space following the Boxing Day floods.

‘The worst part was that we hadn’t actually had the lovely white space gallery for very long before the flooding. ”

The curious series of works that make up Instigate: Exchange will be displayed from June 3 to July 3..