It helps to believe in fairies!

Iolanthe, is one of Gilbert & Sullivan's most exhilarating and humorous comic operas, satirising the House of Lords, and subjecting it to infectious musical fun and games.

When invaded by militant fairies (yes, you have to believe in fairies), the resultant battle of the sexes produces a story that trips and flows delighfully along, and where the fairy Iolanthe, who was banished for breaking fairy law by marrying a mortal, (all true, take our word for it) is mercifully pardoned by the Fairy Queen.

Halifax G&S Society will be performing Iolanthe at Halifax Playhouse, November 8-12, advance tickets from 01422 381931.

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If you can keep up with the story, you will find Iolanthe has a son, Strephon, half mortal and half fairy, (you couldn’t make it up, but thankfully Gilbert did) who is in love with Phyllis, a Ward in Chancery. To complicate things the whole House of Lords, along with her guardian the Lord Chancellor, are in love with Phyllis. Things get wonderfully more complicated when the fairies take over the House, with Strephon now commanding a very big majority!

From the fairies opening chorus of Tripping Hither, to the Lord Chancellor’s Nighmare song everyone will enjoy the succession of memorable tunes. Producer Philip Sutcliffe brings zest into the portrayals of a wonderful array of characters in the operetta, while musical director Richard Buxton keeps the music zinging along.

Tickets can also be booked online at or by phoning 01422 365998.

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