Sarah's back with stories and songs

Born in Madrid, raised in Chicago and now based in Cornwall, singer songwriter Sarah McQuaid is now on her last UK tour before she takes a year-long break to record a new album.

Sarah, a Square Chapel favourite, will revisit the Halifax venue on Sunday, November 13 with a collection of stunning songs, cheeky banter and stories from the road.

She said: “After spending a huge chunk of the past seven years on the road, I feel I’ve earned a bit of a break.

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“I will still do local gigs and festivals that only take me away from home for a couple of days at a time, but mostly I really want to be able to focus on the new album.”

Released in 2015, Sarah’s fourth solo album ‘Walking Into White’, her most personal and emotional recording to date, was selected as album of the month by ‘FolkWords’ while ‘The Musician’ called it ‘a work that grows with each listen’.

Sarah was taught piano and guitar by her folk singing mother and remembers being inspired by her distant cousin, singer and storyteller Gamble Rogers.

She moved to Ireland in 1994 and lived there for 13 years before re-releasing her debut solo album ‘When Two Lovers Meet’ in 2007 and launching her solo career.

In September and October she embarked on a seven week tour of the US and is now on a four-week UK tour.

Tickets available from 01422 349422.