Show focuses on theme of freedom

The 1830 Gallery in Halifax is proud to announce the opening of the Refugee Week Calderdale project Arte Libre. The exhibiton will be opened on Friday, June 10 at 5 pm by Sambalifax, a community samba band.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 1:00 pm

Refugee Week Calderdale is a community group that celebrates migration through art and culture. The exhibition aims to bring people from diverse cultural backgrounds together in order to raise awareness, and challenge preconceived ideas through participating in fun, inspiring and collaborative activities.

Katie Fawcett, project co-ordinator for Arte Libre, said: “We wanted to provide people with opportunities for thought-provoking, creative experiences that not only develop skills and strengthen friendships but provide a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere for discussion and self-expression.”

Artist and Artworks tutor Harriet Lawton worked with Refugee Week Calderdale staff to design and deliver the year-long programme which was aimed at bringing people together and helping them to reveal their artistic interests.She said: “We wanted participants to have enough time to invest in a meaningful artistic process and develop relationships as well as artistic skill.”

There are 24 participants in the Arte Libre project from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Uganda as well as people who have lived in Halifax most of their lives. They had the chance to take part in artistic sessions using self-portraiture, textile design, photography and collage. Everyone involved has also developed their own piece of self-initiated work on the theme of freedom which will be exhibited in the Arte Libre group show, at the 1830 Gallery at The Artworks in June.

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