Summer of fun at Children’s museum

From Saturday July 18 to Friday September 4 Eureka! is open daily, with lots of activities perfect for when the sun is shining.

They’ve got a different theme for each day of the week, so you can visit again and again and experience something different every day:

Mondays: Animal Kingdom. Stroke, feed & cuddle the visiting farm animals, ride a donkey, get eye to eye(s) with some unusual critters!

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Tuesdays: Manic Science.Meet the team from Manic Science, make a jitterbot, and join in with some explosive summer science

Wednesdays: Movers & Shakers. Move it, shake it – Create your own music and get a serious groove on! Wear your dancing pants and bring your Dads! (as too dance focused?)

Thursdays: Story Time.Gather round to meet storytellers and help us create some amazing tales.

Fridays: Ready, Steady, GO! Get active and energetic and burn off some of that summer energy!

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Saturdays: Just for Laughs. Old Skool children’s entertainment from clowning, to magic shows and Punch & Judy!

Sundays: Pirate Mayhem.Why are pirates so cool? Because they ARRRRRRRRR!

For more information, including weekly activity programmes, visit the Eureka! website

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