The Piece Hall: We’ve got some exciting stuff starting to happen in March!

​While January seems to drag on for an age, snap your fingers and February is gone. But the days are getting longer, the evenings a bit brighter and we’ve got some exciting stuff starting to happen in March!
Ministry of Sound Classical Live at The Piece Hall 2023. Photo: Ellis RobinsonMinistry of Sound Classical Live at The Piece Hall 2023. Photo: Ellis Robinson
Ministry of Sound Classical Live at The Piece Hall 2023. Photo: Ellis Robinson

By CEO of The Piece Hall Trust, Nicky Chance-Thompson MBE, DL

There are more announcements for our biggest ever Live at The Piece Hall summer season coming. We’ve already confirmed 26 dates with a huge variety of genres and international stars.

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From series opener, the legendary Blondie with their trailblazing frontwoman Debbie Harry, to pop icon Rick Astley, the uber-cool contemporary hip hop star Loyle Carner and alt-metal pioneers Korn, there will be some incredible moments in the courtyard. Keep your ears peeled for more world class acts heading our way.

James playing Live at The Piece Hall 2023.James playing Live at The Piece Hall 2023.
James playing Live at The Piece Hall 2023.

The combination of iconic rock stars performing in this iconic heritage site is a heady mix. So many fans told us our gigs were their absolute favourites last year, but as well as bringing joy to music lovers the shows bring many benefits.

They help contribute to the costs of running a unique heritage site like The Piece Hall, and the footfall they bring helps boost other businesses. There is a broader benefit to the local economy with jobs, as security staff, on the bars and building and running the technical production aspects of the concerts.

It also means the eyes of the world are drawn to this corner of Calderdale helping The Piece Hall make connections with key players in the global music business and this has resulted in an incredibly exciting new project we are launching mid-March – a brand-new free music production course for young people run by superstar American musician Erik “Blu2th” Griggs.

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Erik is a multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated, singer, producer and songwriter who played bass and keys for Aretha Franklin and has collaborated with Eminem as part of Dr Dre's regular in-house production team.

The week-long course is being facilitated in conjunction with Calderdale College and Calderdale Music and brings the potential for life changing opportunities.

It’s wonderful to see Calderdale’s reputation as a hotspot for arts, culture and creativity growing.

Speaking of culture, we’re now less than 50 days away from the launch of Calderdale’s Year of Culture. To mark the region’s 50th anniversary there is a 12-month programme of creativity and activity starting in April.

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I’m proud to say The Piece Hall is hosting the opening ceremony, which promises to be a great music filled day celebrating the cultural credibility of our borough.

In the run up to the big day, we’re hosting a collaborative poetry workshop with Northern Broadsides. This ‘pay what you decide’ event on Saturday, March 16 will help and inspire people to write poetry for children.

Then on Saturday, March 23, we are hosting celebrations for the Afghan, Kurdish and Persian New Year: Newroz/Nowruz. This festival is marked by millions around the world and here at The Piece Hall there will be a joyful celebration of spring as we showcase music, dance, singing and poetry.

I do hope you’ll be clapping and cheering at a show or event this year. Calderdale’s spirit deserves to be recognised and applauded.

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