Time travel at Eureka!

Families are invited to time travelat Eureka! The National Children's Museum this half term.

Meet Archimedes – the man that inspired the Eureka! name. He will tell you about some of his amazing inventions, Florence Nightingale will show how she revolutionised nursing. And a wise woman from Tudor times - who’s a big fan of leeches (urgh!). Chat to these characters from May 28 to June 5 and see how they changed history… including Dr Robert Liston who could amputate a leg in 2½ minutes without anaesthetic (yikes!).

On June 2-4, you can see a Viking striding about Eureka! Learn whether the Vikings were really all about plundering and raids, or whether they were really clever scientists (and mostly farmers).

All activities are included in the price of standard admission, or free to Eureka! annual pass holders.

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