All the fun of the fair set to return to Clifton

The 1982 Faffen Fuffen fair in Clifton
The 1982 Faffen Fuffen fair in Clifton

THE annual Faffen Fuffen fair is set to be revived in Clifton this summer.

The newly-reformed Clifton Village Community Assocation is hoping there will be enough interest in holding the fair again that tentative plans are being made to bring it back in June.

The annual fair featured a comic band - with members playing a variety of unusual instruments - a parade and a pig making a guest appearance.

It was a popular feature of village life in Clifton after the second world war but lapsed in the 1980s though fairs were organised in 1983, 1994 and 2002.

Celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the village last year rekindled interest in community activities in Clifton and led to suggestions that the fair should be held again.

Clifton Village Community Association has been re-formed, under the chairmanship of Andrew Russell of the Black Horse, with the aim of encouraging community life in the village.

Mr Russell said the success of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, inspired by the Rev Stephanie Jenner and attended by more than 600 people, had contributed to a revival of community spirit.

“These events seemed to harness a desire for community involvement and it was decided that such energy should not be wasted. Before we knew where we were, the Clifton Village Community Association had been rekindled.

“Mr Russell said: “We don’t want to be too ambitious but it’s almost certain that there will a fair in some form this year.”