Co-ordinate if you want to stand out in the crowd

Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel
Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel

It’s our time to shine Yorkshire! We are going to be screened all over the world this weekend. Driving around and seeing all the yellow bikes and bunting makes me really proud to be from God’s own county.

You can feel the anticipation building.

Now, what to wear for this great event? First up – layers, wellies and waterproofs.

The Great British Summer is a fickle beast with rain showers dispersed with glorious sun bursts.

Think typical festival wear and you should ride this weekend out warm and dry.

Just don’t forget the suntan cream.

Think bike? Think footwear.

If you are planning on climbing up Cragg Vale to secure your spot, walking boots or trainers are the order of the day.

And what with the roads closing you’ll probably be outside for the best part of six hours soaking up the atmosphere or queuing to get back on the Park and Ride so best make that footwear waterproof as well. Comfortable cotton trousers and shorts should see you right.

Yes - I’m turning my back on jeans this weekend. If they get wet you’ll be miserable and then you’ll chafe when walking back down from your Le Tour vantage point. Ouch. Let’s leave a sore undercarriage to the experts.

Want to get noticed?

There are nine helicopters and goodness knows how many road vehicles filming the action.

If you want to stand out get your spectator mates to co-ordinate.

A big huddle of pink along the way will catch the eye. Wearing the same colour as your friends may also help should you get lost in the throng (can you tell I’m a teacher’s daughter?!)

Wherever you’re watching, whoever you’re with, have a fantastic Tour weekend.

It’s our time to shine Yorkshire!

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