Dance crew A-Team visit Brighouse ahead of Got to Dance TV semi-final

The A Team with Ess Green from Brighouse
The A Team with Ess Green from Brighouse

BRIGHOUSE businessman Ess Green and street dance crew, The A-Team, came to town to practise their routine only days before they appear on TV on Sunday.

The A-Team will be performing in the semi-finals of hit dance show, Got To Dance, which will be aired on Sky HD at 6pm.

But the 21-year-old, who runs clothing company Axznt in Bradford Road, asked his team mates to spare an afternoon from their busy schedule to visit his hometown and Mirfield Free Grammar, his former school.

“I just can’t wait for Saturday,” said Ess. “The only scary thing is that we are live so if I fall it is going to be seen by millions because me and Rob Anker have to do a corkscrew flip but we hadn’t even practised it before the weekend so we have to make sure we get that down. It will look great if we do.”

The A-Team won one of 30 places selected in the semi-finals by judges Pussy Cat Dolls, Kymberlee Wyatt, Diversity’s Ashley Banjo and tap dancer Adam Garcia for the semi finals.

Jeffrey Felicisimo said performing in Got To Dance had been a completely different experience being on stage than what he is used to being a dancer for bands such as JLS.

“I get a completely different butterfly feeling doing this. When I’m performing for an artist you get excited you are about to dance for one of the biggest artists in the country. This time the excitement is we are the artists and it is that kind of realisation you are halfway through and it is about us,” he said.

The four members, who visited Studio One in Brighouse, only had good things to say about Ess’s shop. “It’s good to see what he does on a day-to-day basis. I have never been to his town before so to see where he works and lives.

“I like Brighouse because being a city boy you are used to the busy lifestyle and it seems very pleasant here,” said Jeffrey.

Ess is hoping that everyone will get behind them in the competition. “We are hoping to send out a positive message so that people pick up the phone and vote us through.”