Extraordinary work of an extraordinary artist

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Although probably best known for his graphics, where his works were seen throughout Britain, Europe and the USA in dark cartoon form, Huddersfield based artist John Ross has also worked as a painter, animator, script writer, teacher and most recently as ‘librettist’ working with composer Simon Bainbridge.

The exhibition, “The Pig In Art”, which can be seen at the 1830 Gallery, The Artworks, Halifax refers to the artist’s agricultural background and to the importance of the pig to his own history as well as that of English culture. In a recent film interview Ross was recorded as describing his work in the following graphic manner; ‘Let me paint you a picture, there is a field of Human Beans, the farm gate has been left open and a family of pigs have pushed their way into the field. As the person painting this pastoral scene, I find it difficult to differentiate the pigs from the beans? He says that this conundrum of identity has formed a major element of his life’s work.

This is a great chance to visit The Artworks and have a good look around. More details from www.theworks.org.uk