It pays to tidy up your wardrobe - believe me, I know it is true!

Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel
Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel

I can feel spring in the air. Snow drops are popping up left, right and centre and ladies are discarding their 70 denier opaque tights with speed. All this activity points to one thing and one thing only: Spring cleaning time. Forget cleaning the whole house, leave your kitchen cupboards and the dresser in the dining room which no-one ever uses anyway. I’m talking about your wardrobe: time to really get in there.

Get on your hands and knees, sweep away the debris and the dust and say “hi” to the depths of your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised what you unearth. When I have got to grips with clients’ wardrobes I have found all sorts lurking at the bottom: pens, tissues, keys, sweets, dog chew toys. I guess what will really spur you into action is me saying I always find money at the bottom of clients’ wardrobes. Well, nearly always. The most I ever found in a client’s wardrobe was around £27 hiding in various unused handbags. Try checking the pockets in coats and bags if you want a bumper crop of the Queen’s face.

First things first, pull out all the piles of shoe boxes, handbags and whatever else has found its way into your wardrobe abyss and give the base of your wardrobe a wipe with Flash spray (other surface cleaners are available) and a cloth. Careful not to get any on your clothes – spray the surface cleaner directly on the cloth. Then push all the clothes to one end of the rail and clean the bare section. Continue to clean along the rail moving the hangers out of the way as you go. If you can’t even move the hangers on the rail due to the sheer volume of clothes then we need to talk!

Take the yellow Johnsons hangers back to Johnsons – they really appreciate it when you recycle. Discard any used anti-moth and replace with some brand spanking new packets. The most effective brand I have found is Colibri – buy it from Pristine or Lakeland online. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to fighting off a moth attack so get your wardrobe prepped now rather than waiting for the temperature to rise, accompanied by moth larvae starting to hatch.

See you next month!