Karl’s web artwork to get airing at museum

A BRIGHOUSE student will see his artwork displayed alongside established international artists in a unique exhibition at the National Media Museum.

Karl Poskitt, 15, along with nine other young people from West Yorkshire, will have work shown at the new Life Online exhibition on March 30 as part of the world’s first gallery to examine the social, cultural and technological impact of the web.

The group were brought together by the museum in Bradford for the project and formed an art collective called Networked.

Their artwork, called System Overload, is a series of animations which represent the internet and how content moves around it using light writing, pixilation and stop-motion animations.

The group worked with artist Jack Lockhart on the piece.

Ideas which the group want to show include ownership, freedom, control and fairness. The finished film will be projected on to a screen, creating a physical presence in the gallery.

The whole exhibition will explore the ever-changing relationship between society and the internet through digital art and interactive elements focusing on two inter-related principles.

The first is open source culture which means that we are all able to create, consume, collaborate and share content online.

The second is net neutrality – the principle that everything on the web should be treated equally, regardless of the type of content or who produced it. David Smith, youth engagement officer at the National Media Museum, said: “The young people who make up Networked have worked incredibly hard on the development of their artwork over the last six months and it’s great to be able to see it installed in the gallery.

“While they’ve been working with the museum they’ve evolved from a group of strangers into a collective and their dedication and willingness to learn new skills has resulted in a piece of art that not only explores the issues around net neutrality, but also reflects their personalities and passions.”

Networked will exhibit alongside established international artists Thomson and Craighead and Ross Phillips as well as work by emerging artists Erin Newell and Phil Bird.