London date for launch

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Calderdale author Sarah Mallory travels to London to celebrate the launch of her latest release ‘A Lady for Lord Randall’ at the Waterloo Event Day at Westminster Archives on May 23.

The book is the culmination of many years’ interest in the Battle of Waterloo for Sarah, who visited the battlefield several years ago and plans to return for the bicentenary commemorations in June. Her latest book is the first in a trilogy of romantic adventures published by Harlequin Mills & Boon. Called ‘The Brides of Waterloo’, the trilogy has books two and three written by best-selling authors Annie Burrows and Louise Allen.

“We approached Harlequin with the idea of the trilogy some time ago,” said Sarah, who also writes as Melinda Hammond. “Once they accepted the concept we wrote our books, using characters from the same artillery unit as our heroes. Although each book is a stand-alone romance we do use each others’ characters and events, so we worked quite closely to make sure our stories did not clash. It was a wonderful experience working with other authors on this series and I am so thrilled that we are launching the trilogy at such a prestigious event.”

Westminster Archives are commemorating the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo with a literary and historical day which will feature a blow by blow account of the battle by historian Trevor Rutter and a talk on the life of the ordinary soldier by re-enactors of the 3rd Kent Buffs. The day will end with Sarah’s talk, explaining how she interprets history for her books and the book launch itself.

‘A Lady for Lord Randall’ tells of Justin Latymor, the sixth Earl Randall, a no-nonsense career soldier, who meets the independent-minded schoolteacher Mary Endacott just weeks before the battle. Though she is opposed to everything he represents, she falls in love with the soldier and proves to be as courageous as he is.