Student dancers set for skate park

Calderdale College dance students will be performing a unique dance piece around the ramps and rails of the Orangebox skate park.

The piece has been put together over the past four weeks by students who were asked to create a performance for a specific place.

Calderdale College dance event in collaboration with Orangebox.

Calderdale College dance event in collaboration with Orangebox.

Students will be performing the piece on today at 7pm and Sunday, February 16, at 5pm.

Dance lecturer Lisa Eaton said: “The work is currently being created in response to the skatepark space which is quite challenging to devise, rehearse and perform in a non-traditional performance space.

“This project is physically challenging, but it is also exciting as it has an element of risk.”

This unique collaborative project with Orangebox has given students invaluable experience working on a live project.

Madeleine Irwin, director at Orangebox, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this very special performance - it has been exciting to witness how Calderdale College dance students have responded to the creative possibilities throughout the building.

“It is sure to inspire young people wanting to try out something new.”