Chef Dominic Hirst from The Cooking School at Dean Clough shares this week’s recipe - strawberry ice cream

Dominic Hirst, chef tutor at the Cooking School, Dean Clough
Dominic Hirst, chef tutor at the Cooking School, Dean Clough

It is extremely satisfying eating ice cream and even more so if you have made it yourself.

You don’t have to have an ice cream maker as you can ‘churn’ the ice cream manually (see below.) You can make a puree from any fruit that takes your fancy, or why not add some chopped nuts or fruit?


250ml strawberry purée

250ml double cream

125g clear honey

juice of 1 lemon


- mixing bowl

- whisk

- scraper

- ice cream maker (optional)

- serving dish or storage container

How to make it

1. Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix to combine thoroughly.

2. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker. Churn until firm, but scoopable. If you are making your ice cream ‘manually’ then freeze it in a tub for roughly two hours or until the edges start to freeze. Transfer to a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon to break up the ice crystals. Freeze for another 2 hours and repeat the beating process once more.

This ensures that the finished ice cream has a lighter texture. (If this process is omitted it

will freeze in a hard ‘brick’.) The ice cream can then be frozen until needed.

3. Serve immediately or store until required.