Great tips on cooking steak

There aren’t many meat lovers who don’t appreciate a good steak and most people will know the basics involved with cooking one.

I would suggest – where budget allows - buying a steak that’s been aged for 21 days or more and is nice and thick. I’m using an 8oz rump steak here.

080515   'How to Cook Steak'  with l to r  rump, sirloin and rib eye  cooked by Steph Moon. (Gl1005/92e).

080515 'How to Cook Steak' with l to r rump, sirloin and rib eye cooked by Steph Moon. (Gl1005/92e).

Along with a good cut, you’ll need a heavy based frying or griddle pan, some rock salt and pepper and some cooking oil.

The very first thing is to get the steaks prepared, which is as important as the actual frying. After leaving to rest on a plate for five minutes, drizzle over some oil and rub it into the meat.

Then season. You want enough to make a difference to the flavour of the meat but not to overpower it.

To cook a good steak, the pan needs to be scorching. It’s also important to not over-crowd the pan if you’re cooking more than one steak - just cook a couple and then take out to rest and cook the next two.

1) Add a drop of oil to the pan and when the oil is sizzling, add your steak. It’s important that you don’t move the steak too much when frying, and don’t be tempted to keep turning it over. Leave it untouched on one side and then turn it once for the same amount of time on the other.

2) Blue steak should feel very spongy when pressing it with a finger. It will still be a very dark colour when done and only just warmed through.

3) Rare steak should be soft and still fairly spongy. It should be a dark red colour when done with juices flowing out.

4) Medium-rare steak will be a bit soft and spongy, but less so than a rare steak. It should be more pink than red in colour when done, and there should still be some juice coming out of the steak.

It’s worth noting that we cooked our steak medium rare, so we removed it from the pan after approximately 90 seconds on each side and placed into a preheated oven at 280c for five minutes to achieve the best steak possible.

5) Medium steak is paler pink in the middle when done with hardly any juice at all. The steak should feel firm but not hard.

6) Well-done steaks will only have a trace of pink colour running through the middle when done, and will feel firm to the touch.

7) Once the steak is cooked to your liking, remove it from the pan and set aside to rest for one to two minutes. This gives the juices – which will have come to the surface whilst being cooked - time to be reabsorbed back into the steak for added flavour.

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