It’s National Apple Week and to celebrate Chef Dominic Hirst from The Cooking School at Dean Clough shows us how to make the perfect Apple Charlotte. This recipe will serve six people

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Bramley apples are in season and to make the most of them, you can try this comforting recipe for Apple Charlotte.

Try adding some cinnamon to give you a warming flavour. You could even try it with an alternative fruit.


• 200g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs

• 75g vegetable suet

• 75g sugar

• zest and juice of 2 lemons

• 1 tablespoon honey

• 1kg Bramley cooking apples – peeled and sliced (or 1kg pack of apple slices in juice)

• 50g seedless raisins

• 25g butter


• mixing bowl

• chopping board

• peeler

• sharp knife

• grater

• lemon squeezer

• tablespoon

• ovenproof dish - greased

How to make it

1. Heat the oven to 180F/Gas mark 5. Put the breadcrumbs, suet, lemon zest and sugar in the mixing bowl. Stir to combine.

2. Arrange half the apple slices over the base of the ovenproof dish. Sprinkle the apple with half of the lemon juice and the raisins.

3. Place a layer of the breadcrumb mixture on top (using about half the mixture).

4. Arrange the remaining apple, raisins and lemon juice in a second layer. Drizzle with honey. Top with the rest of the breadcrumb mixture.

5. Dot the top layer with the butter and bake for 45 minutes to an hour or until the apples are tender and the top a crisp golden-brown.