VIDEO: Learn how to segment citrus fruits for the best desserts ever

We’ve all peeled and cut up fruit hundreds of times, but let’s be honest, how many people can say they do it correctly with minimal wastage?

It is one of those skills which most people overlook or deem not worth their while, but it is in fact a tool which any keen cook should have under their belt.



This week I will talk you through segmenting citrus fruits, specifically with the hope of sprucing up your fruit salad bowl. All you will need is a sharp knife and chopping board.

Don’t forget, this technique can be applied to any citrus fruit, but I will be using an orange to demonstrate.

1,Start by cutting off the top and bottom of the orange- where the stem was attached. Then, stand your orange on one of its newly flat ends.

2, We will now remove the rest of the orange skin. Starting with your knife at the top, and following the shape of the fruit, cut down to the bottom of the orange. A slice of the skin should now fall away.

3, Repeat the above process rotating the orange slightly after each cut (rather than trying to manoeuvre the knife) until the orange skin has been completely removed.

4, Have a good look at the orange and remove any remaining bits of pith.

Now you’ve removed the skin, we’ll move on to cutting the segments out of the orange. You will notice by looking closely that there are fine white lines running from top to bottom- these are the connecting membranes. The segments are what is in-between these and what we are after.

5, Place your knife on the right hand side of a membrane, staying as close to it as possible, and cut into the orange until you reach the middle. Stop cutting and carefully remove your knife. Then go to the membrane on the other side of your segment and repeat the cut. Your segment should now be loose and drop out.

6, Repeat the above process all the way round your orange until each of the segments have been removed.

You should now have in front of you a very neat pile of orange segments ready to go.

l Glenn Futter is head chef at La Cachette restaurant, Elland. To find out more about La Cachette go to