Bring out the creativity in you and your kids

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Remember the days long before mobile telephones, i-pads, games consoles and apps for everything under the sun?

How did children occupy their time? It may come as a surprise to some but time passed just as quickly, except perhaps with a little more imagination.

TV programmes like Blue Peter and Magpie taught children to make the most amazing things with cardboard boxes and a discarded bottle of Fairy Liquid.

That spirit of creativity has never vanished. When children’s imaginations run wild it is amazing what they come up with.

Making things gives everyone of whatever age a real buzz . It could be anything - a fantastic story, a 3D sculpture, a working model, a theatrical prop, a go-cart, a pinhole camera. Anything.

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax, is hosting Yorkshire’s only official Mini Maker Faire for the second year running on Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31.

Visitors will get to meet a host of inventors, artists, crafters and creatives and see some of the amazing things that you can make using your imagination and a bit of know-how - and most importantly, you’ll get the chance to have a go yourself!

Makers believe “if you can imagine it, you can make it” and most kids, if you ask them, believe that too.

Their imaginations are endless and with a little help and guidance from the adults in their life there’s no reason why their creations can’t be too.

Visitors will get the chance to check out lazer cutting with the team from Just Add Sharks, explore hydraulic systems, gears and mechanisms with Small Machines, find out what happens to old toys with the Toy Hacker, plus see creations from the amazing makers at oomlout, York Hackspace, Leeds Hackspace, Sheffield Hackers and Makers and much, much more. Hebden Bridge’s Handmade Parade will be getting into the carnival spirit with some of their amazing creations.

Visitors will also get the chance to win one of six Raspberry Pis –credit-card sized computers­– courtesy of the Raspberry Pi foundation.

The Mini Maker Faire, which will be held in the main Eureka! building is a great place to visit for children and grown ups alike.

For more information visit Entry is £5 per person, or free with standard admission to Eureka! or to annual pass holders.