Evolution of Halifax in photos


Halifax is the subject of a new photography exhibition, which opens at The Dean Clough Galleries next Wednesday.

Photographers from The North Halifax Grammar School were sent to 135 locations - based on a map containing a grid – to take their pictures.

The Halifax Photographic Grid Project was first exhibited in the same gallery in 2004.

This new exhibition features the original project (which included 130 photographs) side-by-side with the 2015 repeat of the same project.

Dave Allen, Head of Photography at the school, says: ‘These projects have always had a geographic approach to taking photographs, but this exhibition brings an element of time into the mix. Similar places have been photographed with a gap of 12 years.

“Since 2003 Halifax has changed a little, photography has evolved a lot and the participants, in the 2015 project, are a mixture of students, ex-students, parents, teachers, support staff and friends of the school.

“Most have studied photography to Advanced Level (including the parents and the teachers), while several are undergraduates or graduates,” he adds.

Also featured in the exhibition is The Manchester Northern Quarter Photographic Grid, completed in 2014 in association with Redeye, the photography network.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday June 1 and runs for a week until Tuesday June 7 in the Upstairs Gallery at Dean Clough.