Influential pop artist’s work still relevant

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park presents a display of graphic works, still vibrant and fresh today, by influential UK Pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi (1924–2005). The exhibition runs until June.

The Upper Space display includes graphic works taken from the series BUNK, Zero Energy Experimental Pile, Moonstrip Empire News and General Dynamic F.U.N., all gifted to YSP by the artist in 1994.

These works reveal Paolozzi’s fascination with post-war popular culture through a range of sources, from advertisements, films, toys, magazines and packaging to emerging technology.

Throughout his life the artist kept scrapbooks, with images cut out and collaged largely from American comics and publications.

He felt the seductive appeal of American consumerism offered a promise of ‘exotic society, bountiful and generous’.

Featuring kaleidoscopic imagery and exuding energy, series such as BUNK and General Dynamic F.U.N. provide particular evidence of the influence of American popular culture on Paolozzi’s practice.

Paolozzi was a central figure in British art from the post-war period and throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

His innovative approach is widely viewed as a driver of the British Pop Art movement.