Victoria’s unique approach to poetry

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Victoria Gatehouse

Light After Light

Victoria Gatehouse uses the appliance of science to create poems about anything from photography and light bulbs to romance over a bunsen burner! writes Simon Zonenblick. Her daytime job as a clinical researcher allows her to examine the world from a different perspective - the results of which can be found in her debut book published by Scarbrough’s Valley Press and which includes several award-winning poems. It is on sale now. But perhaps the most unexpected appearance is that of the Sowerby Bridge Geese, who residents and visitors to the town will know from their tendency to congregate around the town centre. In her poem The Geese of Sowerby Bridge, Vicky writes ...

“You’ll see them patrolling the High Street - ganging up on the corner by The Long Chimney, intimidating passers-by with a show of downy muscle, a half-lift of wings, causing tail backs when they choose to cross the road, a twenty-strong gaggle impervious to hoots”

The poet herself has been startled by the geese, and says: “I’ll admit I find them very intimidating and prefer to admire them from a distance. I’ve had several encounters with them – first when they surrounded my son when we came out of the swimming baths at Sowerby Bridge (he was terrified!) and another time they literally walked about in front of my car and wouldn’t move, even when I honked the horn!” she said. “The incident that really prompted the poem though was when I visited the hairdressers in Sowerby Bridge and had to cross a walkway from which you can look down on the banks of the Calder. There was a goose, so proud, white and long-necked, stood by a nest which was surrounded by broken glass. I knew then I had to write about this experience.” Light After Light is published by Valley Press and is available from their website at £6.99, and also at book stores including The Book Corner in the Piece Hall.