Adam stars in the West End

Adam Fogerty, left, starring in musical City of Angels at London's Donmar Warehouse
Adam Fogerty, left, starring in musical City of Angels at London's Donmar Warehouse

Former Halifax RLFC player Adam Fogerty has swapped the pitch for the stage as he stars in a popular West End musical.

Halifax-born Adam, 44, has debuted in sell-out City of Angels, at London’s Donmar Warehouse from December 5 - February 7.

Adam Fogerty was a professional heavyweight boxer for years which lead to his first film role in the Hollywood boxing movie The Power of One alongside Morgan Freeman, in 1999.

Son of Halifax RLFC player Terry Fogerty, who died in 2013, Adam, a former boxer and rugby league player, is now a successful actor with a string of successful roles alongside A-list acting stars includingRobert De Niro, Ewan McGregor, Helen Mirren and Brad Pitt - with his most iconic role being Gorgeous George in Guy Ritchie’s 2000 film Snatch.

This new role is a first for Adam who has never starred in a musical.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. It can be hard work being away from home,” said Adam who lives in Huddersfield.

“But the musical has been brilliant - it was sold-out before we even opened for the first night; so we’ve been playing to packed audiences.”

Adam plays three characters in the musical about a Hollywood screenwriter - a prison guard, a policeman and a gangster.

He said: “I’ve never done a musical before and get to sing a little bit towards the end, though I doubt I will win any Toby awards.

“But, I’ve got to work alongside some great actors. We’ve had really good reviews and now we’re waiting to hear if it’s going to have an extended run and there’s a possiblity it could move to Broadway.”

The run in City of Angels is the start of a promising 2015 for Fogerty, who later this year will appear alongside English actor Tom Hardy in the much-anticipated new film about the Kray bothers Ronnie and Reggie.

Adam plays the part of “Big” Pat Connolly, the brothers’ notorious bodyguard.

His big build - standing tall at 6ft 4in has helped land him a host of tough guy parts.

“I always get the hard-man roles but I don’t mind flexing my muscles and getting paid for it. It beats peeling spuds,” says Adam, who used to own a fish and chip shop in Brackenbed, Pellon, Halifax.

He said: “I’m looking forward to the release of the film, I think people will really enjoy it. The Kray brothers have a lot of kudos attached to them and it was a great project to work on.”

The film also stars Christopher Eccleston and Tara Fitzgerald.