Dwayne’s pop video on SKY TV

A local musician will hit Sky’s screen with his new single.

Dwayne Jones’ video single ‘Miles & Hours’ is being broadcast on Sky’s Tuune TV Channel 189.

Singer-songwriter Dwayne  Jones

Singer-songwriter Dwayne Jones

Dwayne, 30, of Illingworth, said: “The video was shot at Beechwood, Holmfield as it was important to me to keep it local and be true to what I am - I’m proud of where I live and want to broadcast it.”

The video features friends and family having a good time. He said: “It was really surreal seeing myself on TV.”

The British folk artist said: “I have been honing my craft and perfecting my songs for many years.”

‘Miles & Hours’ will be out on single on Amazon, iTunes, and all major platforms from April 21. The single will be launched locally at Bar Up, Halifax, on April 18.

Readers can check out his single on the Courier website or on YouTube.