Inspirational set for a great band

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There’s no band like Hope & Social.

Their wonderfully crafted songs tinged with humour and at times sadness really uplift the soul.

“Seeing them perform live is the best way to experience them and we can think of no better place to see them than in the wonderfully atmospheric building that is 12th Century Halifax Minster,” says promoter of the July 1 gig Michael Ainsworth.

Their reviews say it all - ‘A big sound from this impressive outfit, inspired, anthemic, great’ Q Magazine

‘Brilliant, uplifting and inclusive. That was amazing, here’s your cheque’. Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival.

The support is from A Postcard From Jeff - a band fronted by Josh Worthington, part of the Halifax footballing dynasty.

The band, as reported in WOW 24/7, released its debut album Modern Language in October to critical acclaim.

Each track a cinematic snapshot, shifting and shimmering in a flickering film light, capturing the timeless claustrophobia and psychodramas of small town suburbia.

The Manchester Evening News described it as “intriguing and encapsulating Cinematic Music” and Steve Albini who worked with Josh said “truly charming. This could be a new genre’.

Advanced tickets £12 from Revo Rcords, The Grayston Unity (Halifax), Jumbo (Leeds) & ticketweb.