Jess keeps a level head as her music career is poised for take-off in 2015

Named “the next big thing to come out of Halifax since Ed Sheeran” by ITV’s Calendar News, if you didn’t already know, Jess Thristan’s star is in the ascendancy.

At just nineteen, Jess is on her way to stardom as an outstanding talent in both song writing and performance.

Thanks to her angelic voice and gentle, harmonic guitar playing, Jess now has more than 1000 subscribers to her YouTube music channel jessicatee09, she was placed 8th on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts with her first E.P Side By Side, has performed live on Clare Balding’s BBC Radio 2 show and supported rising star Nina Nesbitt at different venues during her UK tours.

“The whole thing is a highlight,” Jess, a dear friend of mine since says, “I’m loving every second of what I’m getting to do and I’m so thankful for everything.”

“Who knows where I’ll be in five years,” she says. “I’ll never stop doing this, so really I just hope to be happy and healthy within myself and my music.”

So what’s now for West Yorkshire’s newest talent?

“My next goal is to make my debut album something I am incredibly proud of.

“I want it to be the best work I’ve ever done and I want people to really enjoy it.”

Jess has been lucky enough to work on her album with an impressive array of songwriters such as the Grammy award winning Steve Crisanthou, Sara Eker and Nick Southwood, thanks to her publishing company A&G Sync and management at Limejam PR.

“I would say my team are all great friends of mine. It’s such a blessing getting to work with such talented people.”

Jess’ newest single Little Bird (available now on iTunes) is the first release from her up and coming album, and if this is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat.

The music is not only melodic and easy on the ears, but the lyrics are meaningful and speak to their audience.

“I think it’s important that music means something to its listeners. I tend to fall in love with songs because I’ve connected with the lyrics – so that’s something I try to translate into my own writing,” she says.

“I get a lot of influence from some of Coldplay’s earlier music. I was brought up listening to them because of my parents – so whenever I listen to their stuff it makes me feel really happy and nostalgic.”

Coldplay are not the only influence we may detect in Jess’s album either.

“I take a lot of ideas from The Beatles, Carole King and Joni Mitchell, but then again I think my sound is quite similar to Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift in ways too.

An artist it is important to have a broad music taste to be able to really discover your own identity.”

With a strong head on her shoulders and a positive attitude towards the future - essential attributes to becoming a successful artist - there’s no doubt that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about Jess Thristan.

Jess’ single Little Bird and her E.P Side By Side are available to order on iTunes.

Her debut album is set to release Spring 2015.

lUndergraduate Megan Appleyard has known Jess since school days and, writes cinema critiques for the Courier.