Peter pulls out stops to play new Rex organ

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Peter Jebson has the honour of being the first musician to play a public performance on the Rex cinema’s new Rodgers 333 Olympic Theatre Organ on Sunday, August 21 (2.30pm).

The organ is only one of eighty ever built and just three of which came to this country from America. The Rodgers replaces the Conn organ which had been at the Rex for twenty five years.

“The Conn was a fine organ, says the Rex’s proprietor Charles Morris. “But unfortunately it was developing faults which were proving difficult to fix.

“More than seventy different organists played The Conn since Ron Curtis gave the first concert in 1990.

“The Rodgers is an equally good instrument, better in some people’s opinion, and I’m very much looking forward to Peter Jebson taking it on its maiden voyage”.

For many years Peter played the organ at the Cliffs Hotel in his home town, Blackpool.

A short film novelty will be included in the programme and tea and biscuits will be available in the interval as well as ice ­cream and other confectionery.

Admission is £5.50 for everybody and includes entry in a raffle.