Stewart’s ‘Big Lizard’ release

A decade ago Stewart Stevenson took pen to paper to conjure up a song about a big lizard.

Ten years on he’s set to release that same track after discovering he was recognised for the unique tune on a worldwide scale.

The 40-year-old from Illingworth is now back in Halifax living in a caravan after travelling the world which included filming the video for his debut release in India.

Describing his musical genre as “beach folk” Stewart is working under the title Lizard Inc for his ‘Big Lizard’ track, which is available fromSunday.

He said: “It’s just a fun song, it’s just lost lyrics.

“I’ll sit on a beach and just write while the sun’s going up.”

Stewart said: “Every time I’ve travelled people remember me for this song. They call me the lizard man.”

You can check the official video for Big Lizard right here,