The biggest Bay City Rollers fans fly tartan flag!

Two of the biggest Bay City Rollers fans around were in Town for the band’s visit to the Victoria Theatre in Halifax last week.

Sisters Suzanne Cantelo, 51, and Michelle Pearson, 53, were dressed in their tartan outfits and were carrying their ‘We luv you Rollers’ flag.

The pair have been going to see the Rollers for almost 40 years - and remember queuing around the block to see them when they were in Halifax in 1974.

They have been collecting memoribillia, including badges, programmes, pictures and CDs, ever since and consider themselves some of the biggest Rollers fans around.

“We absolutely love them,” said Susanne, who travelled up from here home in London to see them - although she was brought up in Shelf.

The Bay City Rollers Story, staring the charismatic Les McKeown, was performed on Tuesday night.