Toshes head for the Doghouse

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The first Doghouse gig of the autumn season welcomes three bands to Arden Road Social Club, Halifax, on Friday, September 11.

On tour from France are Toshes, who play a mixture of alternative rock and heavy metal influenced by psychedelia, with support from Hopper Propelled Electric and Regiment.

Toshes’ members are Jeff, Pete, Max and Matt who hail from London and France. They met in the capital in 2012 and started the band before touring intensively in France and recording their first album.

Their music is influenced by observing life and lifestyles on both sides of the Channel.

Indie Music described the band’s sounds as ‘a tortured monument of cleverly layered harmonies and sonic explosions’ while Metal Recommendations praised Toshes’ music as being ‘highly catchy, heavy yet not difficult to listen to and very energetic.”

Drummer Pete said: “We took the opportunity when we were recording our debut album ‘We Are Other People’ to create each song as a small universe with its own inner working and pattern and to develop them to the fullest extent.”

Audie nces should brace themselves for the band members’ ‘cartoonish alter-egos and mould-breaking non-conformism.

Doghouse organiser Michael Ainsworth said: “We are pleased to welcome Toshes for our first gig of the autumn season.”

The music starts at 8pm and tickets are £6 in advance/£7 on the night. Tel: 07807 136520.