‘Zrazy’ afternoon in store at Wainsgate

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A new summer season of concerts at Wainsgate Chapel starts at the weekend when the sensational Irish duo Zrazy return to Hebden Bridge as part of their first UK tour for several years.

Combining the warm, compelling vocals of Maria Walsh with the compositions and lyrics of pianist Carole Nelson, Zrazy have won the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Zrazy’s career spans two decades, six CDs, countless radio and television appearances and has seen the duo develop into one of Ireland’s most sought-after jazz ensembles. A unique amalgamation of jazz, pop and Celtic influences, Zrazy have continued to radiate positivity and accumulate accolades throughout their career.

The laid-back duo have toured most of the world creating a distinctive concoction of sounds that has won them an array of awards globally including an OutMusic USA Award for Best Album with Dream On and an Irish Gold disc for No1 single Ooh Aah Paul McGrath.

Zrazy’s UK tour coincides with the release of a brand new single ‘You Make Me Happy’ from their as yet untitled sixth album.

Released on May 24, it provides more of the same enchantment that has won such acclaim in previous years.

Beautifully written, its elegantly floating vocals connect soulfully with the track’s strong ‘feel good’ undertones.

Rare though their visits are to the UK, Zrazy are no strangers to Hebden Bridge having performed as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival in 2008 and also at the late, lamented HX7 Jazz Club in 2012.

“I’ve seen them several times in Hebden Bridge and in Dublin”, said organiser Dave Nelson. “They were utterly amazing every time and I’m so pleased they’ll be kicking off what looks like being a memorable concert season at Wainsgate.”

Maria hails from rural Tipperary and grew up on a farm whereas Carole was born and brought up in London before moving to Dublin in 1985. A prolific songwriter, she writes most of the duo’s material.

Zrazy’s date with Wainsgate is on Sunday May 31 and the concert starts at 3pm.

Tickets, which are available on line at www.wainsgate.co.uk and at the door, are £10 and £8 with a special price of £3 for those aged 18 and under.

l The next event at Wainsgate is The Great World Music Picnic on Saturday, June 27 which features the Carrivick Sisters, Project Jam Sandwich, the Paula Darwish Anatolian Folk Band and much more.

Further concerts in the autumn include choral music, poetry, jazz, traditional fiddle music, and Andrews Sisters-inspired close harmony.