38 photos that will take you right back to a night out in Halifax in 2008

We're turning back time to remember fun nights out in Halifax town centre back in 2008.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 9:16 am
38 photos that will take you back to a night out in Halifax in 2008

Do you spot anyone you know? For more picture galleries, click here to see nights out in Halifax in 200, and here to see snaps from a 2011 night out.

Anthony, Gibby and James
Nick and Andrew

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Amy, Claire, Becki and Sally
Hayden and Richard
Jodie, Jade and Natalie
Lauren and Sam
Adam, Walker, Hanson and Tony
Harriet and Emma
Chriz, Az and Gav
Frank and Andre
Chris and Tom
Linda and Karly
Faye, Poppy and Amy
Olivia, Clare and Amy
Lisa, Claire and Charli
Danny and Tom
Kelly and Sanch
Nathan, Lukas and Rick
Mike and Ricky
Ben, Rick, Tom, Adie and Jay
Faye and Anna
Kate, Hannah and Faye
Vicky, Laura, Sue, Amy, Kay and Charlotte
Rebecca and Victoria
Tessa and Jemma
Sarah and Kay
Mick, Dan, Gav and Daz
Matt and Fraser
Nikki, Alison and Katie
Chantelle, Chelsea, Jess, Sofija and Elena
Emily, Beth, Ella, Michael, Gee and India
Emma, Melissa and Sam
Steve, Matt and Chris
Hannah and Alex
Niall, Jonny, Stu and Chris
Emma, Racquel, Hannah, Louise and Nicola
Aloof, Brooks and Andrew
Rachel, Doody, Mandy and Tulula