Are you looking for Lansbury?

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We all know her as star of stage and screen from Auntie Mame to Murder She Wrote but who is Angela Lansbury?

She was a wartime evacuee aged nine, cabaret star at 17, MGM contract player before she was 20, three-time Oscar nominee, star of musical theatre, serious drama and TV, granddaughter of one-time Labour leader George Lansbury and daughter of West End beauty Moyna Magill; Dame Angela Lansbury has had a glittering career.

Along the way there have been knockbacks and disappointments but through it all she has returned, supplementing her natural talent with resilience, determination and sheer hard graft.

Celebrated chanteuse and mistress of dramatic cabaret, Fiona-Jane Weston looks into the life of this true showbiz legend and, through songs and words and a little help from the Jessica Fletcher Appreciation Society, tries to understand the events and influences from the past which have created the actress we all love today.

This wonderful production arrives at Square Chapel on Thursday, November 27.