Chappell at Playhouse

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‘Fickle thing, memory.’ Malcolm discovers how true his words are when he takes his doleful friend Clive to a singles evening. Clive, a hospital porter masquerading as a doctor, has just been left by his wife, while Malcolm is a confirmed bachelor and ‘big in imports’ - really a market stall trader. In the deserted hotel bar, to the depressing soundtrack of the next-door ballroom, they meet two recent divorcees: upwardly-mobile Julie and cynical, defiant Liz.

Malcolm is determined to break down Liz’s defences while trying to pair Clive off with Julie. But Malcolm soon finds that life, like the evening, is full of surprises. ‘Passing Strangers’, written by Eric Chappell, is at Halifax Playhouse on Saturday, November 28. Tickets are £10 and £8.50 through, reserved on 07986 122300 or bought on the door.