Daisy Pulls it Off, The Workshop Halifax

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Charming, witty and chummily British. Denise Deegan’s Daisy Pulls it off was an interesting choice for director Mike Ward and his band of merry men to tackle.

Usually presented with an all female cast this play takes a comedic focus on the Angela Brazil novels written in the 1920’s and follows the adventures and boarding school life of Daisy Meredith.

As the story plays out Daisy battles against a whole troupe of adversaries and obstacles, in true brave British style.

A nice piece of programming to coincide with a jubilee year.

The workshop’s typical quirky cross gender casting works well within this production I must say.

The confident youngsters play the women of the private school with subtlety being very careful not to upstage and interfere with the characters they are playing, this allows you to accept and not question them.

Simple but effective staging allows the scenes efficiently unfold whilst the direction is confident and non intrusive giving the cast of talented youngsters a platform to showcase their developed characterisations.

The play is a real ensemble piece and relies on group energy, the cast certainly deliver this and successfully inject pace into every scene bringing out humour and necessary suspense.

This pleasant and splendid little play leaves you feeling a need to sip sweet tip and eat jam scones in a country garden, it runs until Saturday chums and tickets are still available from The Workshop.