Frankenstein kicks off 30th season ...

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You might forgive Liam Parkin for keeping his one free eye closed as make-up artists prepare to make a cast from which the face of Frankenstein’s monster will be created.

For over an hour all he had to breathe through were two straws. The things people do in the name of art!

Liam’s small sacrifice will help mold Actors Workshop Youth Theatre’s ambitious production of Danny Boyle and Nick Dear’s stage version of Mary Shelley’s horror classic Frankenstein which opens on September 15 for five nights.

The production, directed by Shane Gough marks the beginning of the 30th year of the Actors Workshop Youth Theatre.

And fittingly the opening night gala performance will be in front of the Mayor of Halifax.

“Liam had to stay laid down for a good hour with a bit of straw up one nostril and one out of his mouth. And that is only the beginning of what he has to go through,” said Shane.

“This is an intriguing piece to take on and I guess you could say having nightmares takes on a whole new meaning in this instance.

“I have been waking up trying to piece together exactly how we are going to do this. We’re all incredibly excited about performing such a challenging piece though,” he added.

Tickets are on sale from 01422 323688.