Fringe delights that question whether dad knows best ...

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Following a celebrated run during the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Babakas presents a unique and unforgiving tribute to fathers everywhere, as the real-life stories of three performers and their dads are presented on the stage.

The production finds Mike, Bert and Sofia, three friends from different parts of the world, with intertwining yet varying stories to tell. Mike has received an email asking him to be a surrogate father for a woman he has never met, Bert’s evangelical father believes dance school is to blame for his son’s sexuality, while Sofia struggles to see the man behind her father’s spontaneous, happy façade.

Our Fathers comes to Square Chapel on Thursday, May 22, and is suitable for those over 12. It runs for 70 minutes. Tickets £13 and £11 (concessions) from 01422 349422.