Jo loves to share a laugh!

Jo Caulfield
Jo Caulfield

What can you expect if you come to my show at The Square Chapel?

Is it pushing it to say, the funniest night of comedy you’ve ever seen!?

I won’t try and flannel Yorkshire folk, it’s not going to be the best night of your lives ever but it’ll be a good laugh.

It’s a stand-up show but I have the whole evening, so I get to share longer stories and reveal just how stupid I really am. I love doing stand-up.

There’s a real feeling that you and the audience are in partnership.

In such a homogenous world , (yes I may occasionally use words like homogenous) stand-up is a truly live experience.

I like the audience to go away feeling exhilarated because we’ve been through something together.

It’s great looking out and seeing people rocking with laughter, couple’s nudging each other in recognition. Their friends pointing at them when I talk about my ‘annoying friend’.

Everyday life is the source of most of my material.

Relationships, friendships, shopping, drinking, the media, anything that makes me curious or angry.

Sometimes it’s just ideas I’ve had.

I’ve got an idea for Dragon’s Den: a baby-monitor that’s connected to the television. If the baby starts crying, the TV automatically get louder so you don’t miss anything.

Or insights into my marriage - My husband calls me Sugar - because he’s diabetic and he thinks I’m trying to kill him.

What else can you expect from the show? Well, I will be giving away a car.


If Twitter is to be believed audiences have loved the show, I’ve had great feedback.

But maybe they were just trying to get me to give them a car?


l Twitter @Jo_caulfield

l Saturday March 14, 8pm. The Square Chapel, Halifax. HX1 1QG


l Tickets £15 / £13