Kids serve up a stunning extravaganza

Stunning: some of the Whiteley pupils on stage at the Victoria Theratre
Stunning: some of the Whiteley pupils on stage at the Victoria Theratre

Starburst Showcase 2011 Whiteley’s Academy of Performing Arts Victoria Theatre

On a simple, but effective concert stage set, this musical celebration, generously laced with dance and a light buttering of drama, provided a happy, if long, evening out for supporting families, siblings and friends.

From the start, we were thrust into a visual extravaganza with stunning lighting design, supported by an impressive, sophisticated pre-recorded backing orchestration, managed flawlessly.

An outstanding feature of the evening was the great vocal clarity and presentation, with some outstanding solos and choral harmony, together with brave and committed ensemble work and improvisation, with barely a glitch in sight.

Energy levels were incredible, particularly as two three- hour performances were completed in the day.

The sight of one small person, discreetly curling up on the stage apron, was not surprising and evoked deep sympathy!

Creativity was substantially demonstrated on many levels, with younger participants, in particular, coping admirably with songs ancient and modern, with long unfathomable words, the occasional errant or challenging costume and myriad and tricky key changes.

A final thought; in the recognisable world of a raving, clubbing, celebrity music and dance culture, the emphasis on musical expression is, perhaps, understandable and, in this case, was extremely well-presented.

It would be good to see, next year, a greater push towards more spoken text and pure drama, as per this year’s Godber scripts, to complete the picture and stop the spoken word from going out of fashion!

Lovely, committed performances all round, particularly from the little ones.


Derek Greenwood