Review: Angus:Weaver of Grass, Square Chapel

Square Chapel
Square Chapel

Beautiful, tragic and heartfelt Angus: Weaver of Grass tells the story of artist Angus MacPhee, who was raised on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

Angus led a life frayed by mental illness and lived in a mental institute for over 50 years where he didn’t speak a sound he wove intricate grass costumes.

Developed by established theatre company Horse and Bamboo, this production is truly unique in both its creation and presentation. It is visually stunning and deep but yet so undeniably simple and easy.

The ever changing scenic landscape, which was nothing short of spectacular, provides a wonderful backdrop for the story to unfold.

The set is wonderfully intricate, bursting with creativity and cleverness, it moves, spins and unwinds itself and is so integral to this performance that it almost becomes a fifth member of the company of players.

The original sound-scape which underscores the performance is unusually breathtaking and successfully blends together joyful Gaelic folk with computerised studio produced sounds.

Songs are performed in a mixture of English and Gaelic and are emotive and stimulating adding texture and depth to scenes and narrative.

The uber-talented cast play numerous characters and puppets within the piece from children to terrifying dragons.

Watching them work together is like opening up the back of a tightly sprung clock, each precise movement is fixed and slick and in complete unison, a rare theatrical delight.