Shakespearean guide though seven sins ...

Theatre actors.
Theatre actors.

In celebration of The Bard’s 450th birthday, comes this stylish production that has garnered praise from a number of influential reviewers.

Shakespeare’s Deadly Sins arrives at Square Chapel arts centre on Sunday, October 19 (7.30pm), taking us on an intriguing journey through gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, list and envy.

Award-winning theatre actor and director Wyllie Longmore, who direct’s this adaptation of Shakespeare’s work by playwright Conor McKee, says: “Within Shakespeare’s works, you can find each of the deadly sins in their ultimate form.”

Haunting vocal harmonies composed by Carol Donaldson and searing stage combat choreographed by Kenan Ali are woven together through the action as moments from less performed plays and sonnets encounter scenes from classical works Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

On stage an ensemble of four actors will alternate lead roles and supporting roles to bring the work to life.

Tickets for this spectacular performance are £11 and £9 from the box office on 01422 349422 or by going to